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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hidden Treasure...

Last night I scooped in to my Mom's old collections.
They are cool!
These are some of those charming items which I've claimed (well yeah, my Mom has agreed...lala) as my favorite.
But out of those, the best is on top-left, made from animal bone combined with silver and on bottom-right, from elephant tusk with chinese oriental carving of two dragons and 'souw' (long live) character..what do you think? mom's favorite is on bottom-left: big black beads with gold paintings and top-middle: chocker made of translucent glass with paintings.

No wonder I have passion on such things, it's in the gene.


Blogger OT said...

Where are the pictures??
Did you go thru Mom's jewelry?.. :P

7:32 PM  

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