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Saturday, June 24, 2006

a Pecinan coffee wanna be

I always have BLACK COFFEE without sugar,
but why this.
Once I went to island with my uncle and his friends.
one of his friend runs a traditional pecinan (hoa kiao) coffee shop, and he prepared a coffemix a la pecinan.
they offered me but I politely refused, since I have always had my coffee straight black.
They insisted and I tried.
...and that was so good.
a perfect blend of best coffee from Makassar and Condensed Milk, boiled perfectly!

Hard to find it everywhere,
I found a quite similar taste at Hainam Coffee shop on Jalan Serui, Makassar
*why Hainam? explanation to come*

and now,
at least Nescafé offers something taste similar to that Pecinan coffee...
not too sweet like previous Nescafé 3 in 1 and Indocafe coffeemix , or anykind of coffee latte, or koffie verkeerd where proportion of milk just too much.

Unfortunately Nescafé missed something.
I ran thru the composition (ingredients) and it doesn't mention anything on type of coffee bean it's made of.

maybe that's not the priority. It even contained of coffee flavor! what's that!!!

well, at least, if i miss that Pecinan coffee, I still can have a fake one...

*about Hainam coffee shop, my 99 years old Granny told me that in old times, most of coffee shop at corner of blocks were opened by Hainam (certain district in China) family. My Granny is a Hainam, but she was a teacher...


Blogger sphinxku said...

I didn't know about Hainam coffee shop - not much of a coffee drinker here since they serve sewer water.. at home is a different story, yes black rules!
Anyway, reminds me of a place where they sell that Nasi Hainam - I think corner of Sulawesi and.. hmm.. Lembeh? Right Next to marga Tung's kelenteng. Mmmm.. I'm drooling now..

I'm going to ban you from talking about food soon!

11:25 AM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

i forgot to say happy 99th b-day to your grandma!

1:49 PM  
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