New Pages: mixed feeling

Friday, December 03, 2004

mixed feeling

things happened.
as time continue to move on.
nothing stand still.
even me.
sometimes the ambience is just too fuzzy.
makes me tipsy...

things occured.
while no one can stop them.
not you, me or anyone.

things are gone.
and there's empty space here.
what to do?
how to replace?

but memories remain.
like it or not.
no exact time when to come.
just give tipsy feeling.

but not blur.
crystal clear
with a certain mixture.

what to do.
how to judge?

the ambience is just too strong.
different for each place.

but this time it is just too strong.

yet clear.


["hoe en waarom?"onophoudelijk vragend het het verkeerd?]