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Thursday, January 13, 2005

een andere gewone dag

It is really hot today.
Went to office early in the morning, as usual, but have no passion to work.
Yet, need to prepare something for Dimas to work on.
Back home for lunch, I got a card in my mailbox.
Poststamp: Mannheim, card with Heidelberg picture. From the handwriting, it must be Wolfgang.
es ist wirklich schön, danke!

View accross the Neckar toward the historic centre of Heidelberg,
including Heidelberg Castle in the background
"...on this card, you can see where I live, it's in the middle of the right piece"

Then in the afternoon, went to get my train ticket.

tomorrow will go for Jakarta, have appointment with Andrea, now...I hope there's no more changes.

Got a haircut, I just sat and said, "I need new hairstyle"...knip knip...there...

new hair cut, I love it, short and me to stay away from blow-dryer.


Blogger sphinxku said...

beautiful postcard! Do you know that Lola is also from Heidelberg? He is flying off on Friday for 3 weeks vacation/tour~

8:37 PM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

you look really young with the new hair cut.
i need one too!!

12:02 PM  
Anonymous nike said...

hey, i like this haircut. Ngepas banget euy, tapi udah setahun yang lalu, pastinya udah berubah deh :(

7:00 PM  

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