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Friday, June 03, 2005

too many for a title

how many weeks is it already?
i even have no idea how to start this blog.
well, here.
last 2,5 weeks I came to Makassar with intention just to accompany my granny during parents' trip to China.
whoever knows, somebody called my Dad's office, looking for 'her daughter' [she didn't even know my name!] that studied urbanism before.
I called her back, and learned that it is for a job in JICA Makassar, for a project of Mamminasata metropolitan area.
Thus, nextday I went for interview, bla here bla there, I started to work the very next day.
until now
I wrote this blog during lunchbreak at office.
thus, here are my days with Japanese conversation [but sphinxku, it's not me...but them!] all around. I wish I can speak more then cottomatte dakusai, or ohayo gozaimas...Sphinxku, any tips?

New working culture. no Teng Go.

helemaal anders met nederlandse werktijd

Got a postcard from Wolfgang, he was in Sicily...
got his email 2 days ago...he was ill.

Get well soon!

today is Arun's wedding, which once I planned to attend.
too bad price is not right,
but I wish you dear the best marriage ever...
love and understanding for the rest of your life together


Blogger sphinxku said...

I started my japanese at home with my roommates from college.
By asking the meaning of words or sentences that sounded funny to me.
After a while I got used to it and I could follow the conversation.
An advantage to this is you'd be able to catch the local accent as well. ^^
Anyway, 頑張ってください!!

11:01 PM  

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