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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Married to Oncom

What do you wanna be for your next life?
What do you wanna be for your next life? Vegetable or Fish?
Huh?? I don't really believe in next life.
I prefer to be human being, just like now.
Well, you only have those two choices.
Hmmm....Fish maybe.
Why? I wanna be tomato.
What? How come?
I love tomato, it is red, pretty, I love tomato.
Well...I like tomato too, they are pretty red, yet I never think to be one.
Fish is better at least it can move.
Ja, agree.
It just pretty strange, that you like something and then you wanna be that thing!
Well, at least it is better then be married to that thing...
There's a friend of mine that really in love with something like fermented soya bean.
No...something with strong smell
What is that...anyway, I don't know what's the name is. But It is...fermented soya bean with strong smell...
Well this friend of mine really likes that thing that he would be happy to be married to that thing.
Married to an oncom? what a strange thought.
hmmm...we can understand it in this way.
He likes that strong smell, which means he likes to have a wife with strong smell...
Now that is even more ridiculuous, thou not impossible.
Well, for me, I prefer guys that smell good. Well, he doesn't need to be perfumed at least he has no strange smelly body odour.
Anyway that is out of point.
Well, ok. but you see, my friend is much terrible than me, he would like to do something that is most unlikely possible.
I only want to be tomato, for my next life. maybe next time i'll see you as part of this sambal? ah....there you are.

this is the fish. delicious to eat, so I don't wanna be one of them...I love to be me.


Blogger sphinxku said...

I think that fermented soya bean is 納豆 (なっとう) not oncom.
Eh, how does oncom look like btw?
I don't think I've eaten one.
Oncom is not pete' or terasi, is it?

10:39 PM  

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